May 26, 2024

Lower Cholesterol with Healthy Weight Loss

When cholesterol levels are too high the increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure is dramatic. When diagnosed, doctors are quick to prescribe medication.

Health Rewards always advises careful consideration of your doctor’s instructions. If you are prescribed a cholesterol lowering drug you should completely understand the side affects of that medication.

Cholesterol can be reduced by losing weight and following a healthy diet. Losing weight happens when you consume fewer calories that is used by your body. Exercise has many benefits. Accelerating weight loss is one of them.

Your body needs some cholesterol to function; it helps you digest food and build cells. Adding 6 grams of dietary fiber to your diet each day can reduce you risk of heart attack by 25% as reported in a follow-up study of nearly 900 older men and women published in 1987 in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Two servings of Bios Life each day adds 10 grams of dietary friendly fiber. The recommended daily consumption of dietary fiber is 30 grams or more. Most people average 12-15 grams.

Do the math. Eating foods such as oats, beans, barley, fruits, vegetables, and whole-wheat breads are all great sources of fiber. Adding these foods and using Bios Life 1-3 times a day depending on your diet should make a terrific difference in your level of cholesterol.