July 21, 2024

Has Anyone or Anything Ever Really Ticked You Off?

Has Anyone or Anything Ever Really Ticked You Off?

Hello and welcome to Today’s Health Tip!

You may have heard about and possibly even read the books Think and Grow Rich and As A Man Thinketh. Those books are often referred to by people offering guidance on improving your financial position. What you may not realize is the impact of your thoughts on your health.

The next couple of Health Tips will be on the subject of how your thinking affects your health. Certainly some reading this will be inclined to ignore it. I urge you to not do that. This information may be more important than anything else you ever learn about being healthy.

“Always where there is a health problem there is a forgiveness problem. Negative emotions literally consume the cells of the body.”
The Dynamic Laws of Healing by Catherine Ponder (available at Amazon)

Hopefully you feel you are healthy. If not you should immediately begin to work on being healthy at the source of your health – which is your thinking. Next, more on the impact of negative emotions on your health.

Be well and prosper,

Steve Pohlit, President
Health Rewards International


Final Notes:

My most standards I am considered to be a healthy person. However, I have had my fair share of less than positive experiences so I have been studying why that is and what should I be doing about it. In that process I came across the book mentioned above. This has been very enlightening for me and now I am presenting one of the foundation principles in that book for your consideration. I hope you like it.