May 26, 2024

“Heart Disease Is Not The Number One Cause of Death In The U.S”

“Heart Disease Is Not The Number One Cause of Death In The U.S”

Of course it is you say because all the newspapers, magazines and advertisements report the statistics. And I repeat “heart disease is not the number one cause of death in the U.S.” Heart disease is not something you can buy, it is not something you get from someone else, it is not a condition that you naturally develop as you age.

Heart disease is a result of how you think about your body and your life. If you think that it is not important to feed you body the right nutrients and give your body the exercise it needs, then what you are saying is that it is OK to develop heart disease. If you say “it is OK for me to be 5 pounds or 50 pounds or even 100 pounds overweight” then you are saying it is OK for you to have problems with your circulatory system, with your cholesterol, with your joints, with your breathing and with your energy level.

Nothing is more important than you health, energy level and happiness. You cannot enjoy life and be enjoyable to be with if you are suffering. Now if you are suffering, you can fix it if you want to. It doesn’t start with your doctor, your boss, your family or anyone else or anything. It starts with you. If you do not like where you are today, then it is up to you to begin a new plan. It is your responsibility to take the action that you already know you must take to be healthier, happier and more prosperous.

There are many books, articles and resources to help you formulate and follow a new plan. A resource section has been added to this site. With a rapidly growing list of subscribers to Today’s Health Tips I am sure there are readers who have their personal favorite sources of health help. I welcome you suggestions. Simply send an Email to your Doctor

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