July 21, 2024

20 Minutes… Nothing More… Nothing Less…

The formula for healthy living and “height weight proportional” (popular phrase on the dating sites) is simply: eat mostly fruits, vegetables and grains plus exercise for 20 minutes 3-4 times a week. It is that simple and that hard.
Let’s look at the 20 minutes. Today I was on the stepper for 20 minutes. Two weeks ago I could only be on that machine for 15 minutes. I have mentioned before that I have been traveling and tend to get a bit out of shape when I do that. So two weeks ago I had decided I would be at 20 minutes in about 3 weeks. Today I was scheduled to go 18 minutes. Well what I realized was that there was no real good reason not to do 20 minutes today. There was no real good reason to stop at 18 minutes. So I did 20 and happy I did.
The point is set reasonable goals. Visualize yourself doing them and at times go a little more. 20 minutes can go by real fast unless you are running or on a stepper, hanging from your thumbs, or doing some other exercise and not in your ideal condition. Now 20 minutes can go real fast if you are talking with someone special or even exercising when you are in condition. I recall running long distance and biking long distance..real long distance. It all starts with the first step or the first cycle. I am past the first step but don’ t plan on any marathons soon. I might just put on my hockey gear soon.