April 13, 2024

This Watch-Rental Startup is Taking The World By Storm …

This Watch-Rental Startup is Taking The World By Storm

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In today’s world, there is a compulsion to consume. However, remember that we live in a digital continent where most people want to be involved with the latest trends in the market. That is why Brandoff, who is at 38, now came up with the Eleven James. It is a one-year-old startup that enables consumers to rent quality and luxury watches. If you want to join Eleven James members, you have to sign up for a yearly membership. You will realize that varieties of different costs plans are given concerning the types and frequency of watches that you choose.

As a member of the Eleven James, you will have the chance to choose different types of watches at different prices. However, at the bottom of the spectrum, you will note that all members can get three totals of watches yearly. Therefore, you can get each for two months at a time for $2,700. However, we have esteemed customers that can even pay a total of $16,200 for only six watches. If you realize that these types of watches fall under your budget, you can join and become a member of the Eleven James.

A shared Model

Various rental platforms let consumers rent pieces of quality fine arts. Also, the Eleven James follows these platforms such as Artsicle and Rent the Runway to offer their customers with quality watches. The Eleven James is showing an illustration that they are giving a shared model to make quality and luxury watches more accessible. The company is now celebrating its first anniversary, and it is happy to announce that it has registered a hundred members.

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Randy Brandoff, the founder of Eleven James, he is now experiencing a significant change in the digital market. Also, he is happy that he has managed to make it in life. Since he is serving as the CMO of Netjets, he provides fractional ownership and also rentals of the private jets. With his expertise and experience, he has managed to acquire great leadership skills that can help him govern and control the Eleven James.

The Eleven James has caught the eye of diverse clients. With these clients in this platform, a quarter of them is millennials. They have few watches, and they are also using them. Another quarter is established clients who have six or more different types of watches. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that all James’ clocks are available for purchase. As a member or a user, you can loan or sell your watch to the company to offset the cost of membership.

An Exclusive Clud

When we are talking about Eleven James, there is a lot that you need to know apart from the watch-sharing space. Currently, the main aim of Brandoff is to create a club like an ethos. If you want to access James’ products, you have the chance to do so. Also, most customers can now receive rewards points for referring to their friends or if they try to renew their membership. It is essential to understand that this company hosts networking events for all different watch lovers across the country. Also, it has partnered with various companies to offer quality and luxurious products to their esteemed customers.

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Hitting Its Stride

Ideally, timekeeping has changed. Most people tell time through their smartwatches and smartphones. However, many suppliers are waiting for the Apple watch that will be launched next year. With these types of clock, most people will start buying and using wristwatches. It is vital to report that the company has hit its stride among its consumer audiences. Therefore, it is about time that people decide to use watches and stop using their Smartphone. With Eleven James, expect a lot.