June 15, 2024

Statin Drugs

To all my friends

I am forwarding this very important newsletter, to my friends because I had all these symptoms after my Kaiser Doc put me on statin drugs. Here is an email I wrote to Doc Graves a NASA flight surgeon. I hope you read this and pass it on.


Thank goodness I found your information. I am 61 and have been an athlete all my life. Swimming and running competitively.

I had increasing Cholesterol and increasing Mevacor plus all the symptoms of muscle weakness, stiffness (I could not even get up from the dinner table), loss of memory etc, etc.. After reading your website and participating in the University of California and San Diego (UCSD) Statin study, I went cold turkey off 40mg of Mevacor.

I began to use Oat Meal and Oat Bran in the AM with two table spoons of raw Lecithin and soy milk based on a recommendation of a health food store. Results: my total cholesterol went from 258 to 188 in just 6 weeks and my Triglycerides from 187 to 99 LDL to 135 from over 175 and HDL to 54, VLDL to 20.

It would be very good if you could discuss the use of natural foods and lecithin in your newsletter. According to Michael at Henry’s Whole Foods, the lecithin not only lowers your cholesterol but it cleans out the old plaque. Do you have any research studies on this effect? All I know is all my numbers are normal, my statin symptoms have completely gone and I feel great.