June 15, 2024

Prevention Measures Against Coronavirus …

Prevention Measures Against Coronavirus

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Coronavirus has recently hit the media with a bang, and more people are afraid of contracting it. With no vaccine to prevent the illness, there is a need to be cautious to avoid it. It is an infectious disease that puts you at risk if you come across an infected person. Body fluids from sneezing or coughing from someone with the virus is enough to spread it to those close to them.
The measures below can help you keep yourself safe from coronavirus.

1) Wash Your Hands Regularly

Photo Credit: © depositphotos (COVID-19, Coronavirus)

Keeping your hands clean after a sneeze, cough, or blowing the nose is one prevention measure. You can use soap and water or a hand sanitizer. When your hands are unclean, avoid contact with your mouth, nose, and eyes.

2) Distance Yourself With Infected People

Photo Credit: © depositphotos (COVID-19, Coronavirus)

If there are cases of the coronavirus in your area, be wary of visiting people suspected to have the illness. If you are an older adult or suffering from a chronic infection, you should be more careful as your immune system is low.

3) Clean Surfaces With Disinfectants

Photo Credit: © depositphotos (COVID-19, Coronavirus)

Ensure that you keep surfaces such as tables, knobs, countertops, sinks, and toilets clean. Your phone is also a breeding ground of germs and needs a clean wipe. For surfaces, you can clean them with soapy water to remove dirt and later disinfect them.
When disinfecting, use safe disinfectants meant for the various surfaces to avoid damage. As you dilute, pay attention to use the rightful portions to give you the protection you need. A disinfectant that is too diluted will not provide you with proper prevention against the virus.