May 26, 2024

MET and Hoodia

Health Tip:

Have you ever heard of your metabolic equivalent or (MET)? Well in case you haven’ t, it is the amount of oxygen your body uses when at rest. Walking at a leisurely pace uses 2-3 mets and jogging requires 8-10. A pro hockey player like Sydney Crosby had a MET in the range of 20-25.

Why is this important to know?

For each one-point increase in MET, people with or without heart disease can reduce their chances of dying from a heart attack by about 10%.

Action Step:

If you are not exercising start walking. If you are walking, add aerobic exercise to your routine. That could be a stationary bike, treadmill or some other activity that suits you. If you are doing aerobic work, increase the intensity and frequency.

Brief Story

This past weekend I met the owner of a company who imports ingredients for nutritional products, formulates and packages then for retail sales.

With weight loss being such a major issue in the US, I asked him about his weight loss product line. He told me some very surprising information about hoodia. Have you heard about it? If you have and have tried it with minimal or no impact, it is likely you have used a product that has low qualtiy ingredients.

There will be more on the product in future editions but for now, click on the link below and read for yourself.

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