April 22, 2024

Banaras-the spiritual capital of India

Banaras-the spiritual capital of India

‘Banaras-the spiritual capital of India, has always attracted me towards it. The spirituality, the mystique this city offers is to be cherished forever. The best part of being in this ancient city and not to miss is –The Ganga aarti at DashashwamedhGhat.The name dashashwamedh stands for Dasha-meaning ten; ashwa meaning horse and medh meaning sacrifice. It is believed that lord Brahma-the creator of this universe sacrificed ten horses in a yagna to welcome lord Shiva.

Ganga aarti : –

Ganga aarti usually commences from 6:45p.m onwards but as per the excellent advice of locals, one must take his position by 6:00p.m in order t o click the best shots of this mesmerizing event. If you want to have more of it, hire a boat and ride across the river, and you are welcomed by such a breathtaking sight that transforms you to another time and dimension. The lighted incense sticks, the chanting of shlokas, the mantras, the aartis sung devotionally by the people who are part of this ritual, the smoke slowly rising and engulfing the surrounding, the dhoti clad priests swirling the multi -tiered lamps/deepams and marshals/cressets against the night sky throwing its reflection on dusky waters of river Ganges provide a picturesque view. people offer flowers of rose ,marigold to the river from podium, milk offerings soon after that, and then follows the scrambling of people to float diyas in leafy boats left me transfixed…I felt lucky to be a part of this soul stirring grand affair. How I really wished that this divine ritual never comes to an end!!


I felt as if “ganga maa has herself risen above the waters to witness the sanctity” ,the flow of pure devotion and the firm faith the people have on her and blesses each and every one of her devotee. I managed to click a few of the excellent pictures and took back with me the excellent energy this event circulated within me. I suggest you to visit India and witness the apt blend of faith, customs and unity that touches the innermost core of your heart…